Peloid – “black gold” from the Ustroń Health Resort

Peloid – “black gold” from the Ustroń Health Resort


Peloid is one of the most precious gifts from nature. It is called “black gold” because it is rich in organic substances. It is a peloid, a type of peat with a high degree of humification (decomposition). Thanks to organic acids and salts, it has anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties.

Peloid beautifully cares for the skin, so it is used, not only in regeneration and beauty treatments, but also in cosmetics. 

Peloid is rich in valuable organic and inorganic substances, as well as salts. These substances regenerate damaged tissues, increase their circulation and activate reactions that increase cell metabolism. Hormones contained in peloid are used in gynaecological conditions. Overheating of the tissues during treatments improves oxygenation and nourishment, and speeds up the metabolism. Moreover, they also have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

The excellent peloid used in the Ustroń Health Resort comes from our own open-pit mine. After cleansing, mixing with water and heating, a therapeutic substance is obtained, used for compresses applied locally, for wrapping the entire body, and for baths in oak bathtubs. The body absorbs all the valuable substances from the peat, but during these treatments, sweat, exfoliated epithelium, bacteria and other contaminants are also excreted into the peat from the skin. The skin and body is cleansed, and the process is referred to as “skin dialysis”. Therefore, peat can be used only once.

The peloid used in PU “Ustroń” S.A. always has the highest quality, is fresh and contains the optimal concentration of organic substances, because it comes from our own deposits, and its composition is constantly monitored by our specialists.

The excellent peloid used in the Ustroń Health Resort comes from our own open-pit mine, a deposit in Zabłocie. It is located approximately 1300–1500 m from the Vistula River and nearly 2 km from Lake Goczałkowickie. The Ustroń Health Resort began exploiting the deposit in the mid-90s.

The effects and benefits of using peloid treatments include:

  • reduced pain
  • improved fitness and mobility
  • detoxification of the body
  • muscle relaxation
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • reduction of joint contractures,
  • reduced pain,
  • anti-inflammatory effect,
  • improvement of the efficiency and mobility of all joints,
  • muscle relaxation and improvement of their flexibility,
  • reduction of joint contractures,
  • detoxification of the body,
  • relaxation, regeneration, good mood and comfort of life
  • delay in the ageing processes.

Intended use:

  • Post-traumatic conditions and diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
  • Degeneration of the joints and spine,
  • Muscle and joint contractures,
  • Rheumatic muscle diseases,
  • Neurological diseases of the pectoral girdle and the pelvic girdle,
  • Chronic neuralgia,
  • Gynaecological conditions,
  • In chronic diseases of the kidneys, gall bladder, kidney stones, liver and gastritis,
  • Cosmetic.


All acute and sub-acute inflammations, circulatory and respiratory failure, increased body temperature, hypertension and hypotension, active tuberculosis, osteoarticular tuberculosis, atherosclerosis and thrombophlebitis, fresh fractures and injuries, pregnancy, trophic and inflammatory skin disorders.

Simple and easy to use at home for:

  • compresses
  • wrapping
  • baths  

Directions for use:

Compresses and wraps

Heat the peloid in a water bath to 42–45 °C. Cut the bag open and apply a layer of about 1 cm to the skin, cover with foil and a material to protect it against heat loss. Use 2–4 times a week for 10–15 series. Treatment duration: 20–30 mins


Dissolve the contents of the bag in a bathtub with regular or mineral spring water, treatment duration: 15 minutes, water temperature 38–40 degrees Celsius. After the treatment, rinse quickly with warm water (about 37 degrees Celsius) without soap, dry the skin and rest covered for about 30–60 minutes.

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